ARRI Rental

We've got you covered

The new ARRI Rental New Jersey Camera Department with multiple camera check out bays and four dedicated testing rooms surrounded by optical, mechanical, digital and technical support departments set a new standard for camera rental. At 36,000 sq. ft, the new facility houses a wide range of film and digital cameras and equipment.

Camera assistants are afforded with their own separate full-service check-out bay on the main floor, where it is possible to carry out twenty or more camera inspections at a time. Each check-out station is equipped with a power supply, HD monitor, and a lens focusing chart. For longterm check-outs, like for features and TV shows, two separate feature-rooms are available.

The Secaucus location allows ARRI Rental to provide parking for over 70 vehicles with no impact on vehicle loading or unloading via their dedicated bays and takes advantage of the convenience of the extensive local transportation network for those who choose not to drive. Newark airport is 20 minutes away and the area is well serviced by hotels and amenities.