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ARRI/ Zeiss Master Anamorphics at ARRI Rental

June, 21 2013. The ARRI/Zeiss Master Anamorphics were the unchallenged headliner. Three out of the "Magnificent Seven" made it to the ARRI Rental Open House on June 15. The 35mm, 50mm and 75mm ARRI/Zeiss Master Anamorphics were showcased each in different scenarios to show the unique characteristics of the lenses.

To showcase the 35mm Master Anamorphic we mounted the lens on an ALEXA M which was fixed to our 15' Technocrane! The extreme compactness of this kit allowed visitors to operate a precise telescoping maneuver through the rear hatch, past the cargo area, and between the front seats to reveal the dash. This setup also allowed guests to see the sharpness from edge to edge in cinematic 2.39 scope.


The 50mm lens was mounted on an ALEXA Studio and set up on our check out floor. Here the extremely low distortion, amazing flat field and lack of breathing were on display for all to see.


For the 75mm lens setup we turned one of our feature rooms into a dimly lit stage using only one Arri L7 which was diffused for illuminating the talent. Additionally we dropped in some soft illuminated practical fixtures and a variety of exposed element lights. Visitors had access to LED flashlights so they could test for flares as they played with the camera.

ARRI/ Zeiss Master Anamorphic 75mm

For further information, please contact:

Brigitte Wehner