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ARRI RENTAL opens boutique offices in Los Angeles and Vancouver

ARRI Rental expands ALEXA 65 network to West Coast and Canada

Tony Linares and Rafael Adame join the Los Angeles office while Sarah Mather runs operations at the Vancouver location

ARRI Rental, a leading provider of camera, lighting and grip equipment, has enlarged its ALEXA 65 network with the opening of boutique offices in Los Angeles and Vancouver.

The expansion, prompted by the ever-increasing popularity of the ALEXA 65 with leading filmmakers, will better place ARRI Rental to support productions that want to take advantage of the system’s exceptional image quality on the West Coast and in Canada.

Offering a complete large-format solution, the ALEXA 65 system comprises a 65 mm digital cinema camera, a growing range of custom-designed lenses, and fast, efficient workflow tools. Recent developments in ARRI Rental’s optics program have seen brand new Prime 65 S and Prime DNA lens options added to the existing lineup of Prime 65 and Vintage 765 lenses for the ALEXA 65. The upcoming months will see further ARRI Rental lens initiatives that will broaden the creative appeal of the system even more.

“The ALEXA 65 system is ever-evolving, with our new custom lens options continuing to extend its capabilities,” says ARRI Rental CEO Martin Cayzer. “As demand continues to grow, it is critical that we have the correct infrastructure in place to support the system and its use. The opening of a boutique rental space in Los Angeles and Vancouver ensures that the ALEXA 65 is available to two of Northern America’s most vibrant production communities.”

Joining the existing team of International Marketing Executive Dana Ross and Technical Marketing Executive Matt Kolze in Burbank are Tony Linares and Rafael Adame. Both bring over 20 years of experience to ARRI Rental. As Technical Marketing Executive Rafael will be a key member of the ALEXA 65 support team for North America. Tony will manage key operational departments including prep, warehouse, logistics and inventory control in the role of Operations Manager..

Sarah Mather will oversee the Vancouver facility as Operations Manager. She has over 16 years of experience on set. As a camera assistant she worked on movies such as The Revenant, Star Trek, Tomorrowland, Godzilla, Rise of The Planet of the Apes and The Bourne Legacy.

For further information, please contact:

Brigitte Wehner