Multiple Boxx Meridian Systems available for SALE!

The Meridian system has been designed for high quality, zero delay, short-range transmissions.

In line with our existing product range, the Meridian system uses license exempt channels and offers secure encrypted transmissions. It can be used for a variety of applications including large screen presentations, award ceremonies and live broadcast events.

  • Extremely high quality uncompressed video
  • Zero frame latency (<1 millisecond)
  • Simultaneous HD down converter / scaler
  • Use either an HD or SD monitor when shooting HD
  • 5GHz licence exempt band
  • Secure encrypted transmission
  • Switch between multiple cameras
  • Click here to find out more about the Boxx Meridian System.

    For further information, including shipping, payment and return policies, please contact:

    Rick Schneider
    phone 212 757 0906